• Did you know? Peter Dodd are one of the few remaining family owned and run funeral directors in Sunderland


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<b>David Gardener</b><br>Funeral Proprietor
David Gardener
Funeral Proprietor

One of the Longest Established Family Owned Funeral Directors in Sunderland

Here at Peter Dodd Family Funeral Services, we perform a unique and indispensable role in society. Our Funeral Directors are always available in your time of need, providing emotional support and professional, practical advice.


You will experience the highest, most efficient standard of service in the area both during and after the funeral.


The experience of the funeral director’s sympathetic ear is all the more valuable, because we are dealing with the practicalities of the funeral. One of our funeral directors will listen to you as you decide what sort of funeral you want and guide you through this often difficult time. We will explain to you the different types of funerals available, the type of service, the forms and documentation that needs to be completed, grants available and so on.


Peter Dodd Funeral Directors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Staff have experience arranging funerals for individuals from different ethnic backgrounds and religious groups. Our funeral directors are aware of the special needs involved in supporting each and every person who have suffered a sudden or expected death.


Peter Dodd Funeral Directors are trained and qualified to act as professional, confident advisors who ensure that arrangements are carried out with efficiency and the dignity that this most difficult occasion demands.


On a practical side, we ensure that all the necessary liaisons and deadlines are met. All the paperwork is completed and handed in at the right place at the right time. A full written estimate detailing the costs etc. will be given with the funeral arrangement, e.g. funeral directors charges and disbursement paid out on your behalf. Most of the work that the Funeral director does is discreet and it is not always readily apparent what duties are carried out. The funeral arrangements can be made at anytime just by contacting us. The funeral directors can call and see you at your home or you may wish to visit one of our Funeral Homes. In selecting Peter Dodd Funeral Directors our staff will ensure that each and every detail is discussed with you and thoroughly explained to you, to ensure yours and your late loved ones wishes are correctly carried out.


On completion of cremation and doctor’s forms, burial and any other documentation, the certificates are then taken to the relevant authorities along with any other legal documents. All information is kept in absolute confidence.


The funeral director will arrange all communications, regarding the funeral arrangements, with clergy, church, cemetery, crematorium and liaison with the police and Her Majesties coroner when necessary.


As your funeral directors, we are here to support and advise you with the funeral arrangements to meet your personal needs. We provide a personal 24-hour, 365 day a year professional and caring service. If you require advice or help at any time during this period all you have to do is call.