The changing nature of funerals and the natural tendancy for bereaved families to celebrate the life of a loved one is something that Peter Dodd are always aware of. On this page we feature some of the special services we are able to provide as we help to make the funeral a most memorable occasion. Please ask us if you would like to include any of the below or if you have any other special requests.

Doves of Peace - Peter Dodd Funeral Directors

The use of white doves is becoming ever more popular adding meaning to any funeral.

Funeral Highland Piper - In Full Regimental Dress or Evening Wear

The piper is recommended by the leading funeral companies and stands at over 7 feet tall with feather bonnet and easy for your guests to see. Wears the finest highland outfit and has a choice of tartans suitable for the occasion.

He comes from a long list of famous pipers which graced Scotland for many years and is in fact the current Champion Solo Piper of North East England and plays a unique special set of gold bagipes which have the most beautiful sound to honour your loved ones for their last day with you.


Ashes Into Glass

Ashes Into Glass Jewellery symbolises eternal love and togetherness. By wearing it or just holding it in your hand, you will connect with your loved one and share special moments together. Each item of jewellery tells a story that is deeply personal to you and will shine with its own character. For more information on the Ashes Into Glass range, please speak to one of our Funeral Directors.